Friday, December 08, 2006

Christmas Ceilidh 8th December 19.00-23.00

From the OED


In Scotland and Ireland:     a. An evening visit, a friendly social call.    b. A session of traditional music, storytelling, or dancing.

1959 Times 10 Jan. 7/6 All over the British Isles today at ceilidhes, hootennanys and similar gatherings in pubs, clubs and private houses, folk music is flourishing as it has not done for over a century.


Appleton Tower Concourse, food and drink with social dancing.
By invitation: RSVP Diana Sisu

With music from Bella MacNab

For those wishing to brush up, in advance, on their ceilidh skills (or even start to build them from scratch), there is an ALP (adult learning project) ceilidh at St Brides on 24th November with the Robert Fish Band


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