Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Computer Science Writing Competition 2006-07

Two bites at the cherry - get paid for your descriptions of Informatics research.

EPSRC is offering awards of up to £1000 for descriptions of EPSRC-funded research; entrants can range from people who have not had any writing published before to professional science writers.

For information about the competition, please see:

Informatics will also offer two awards of £200 each for the best description of Informatics research (EPSRC-funded or otherwise). Informatics reserves the right to use all entries in media for which Informatics makes no charge, such as our web pages; we reserve the right not to offer a prize if there is no entry we want to use on our web pages.

We encourage you to enter the EPSRC contest, and to get a second bite at the cherry by submitting your work for the Informatics web site as well.

To enter the Informatics competition, please copy your entry to .

The deadline for entries is 31st January 2007.

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Anonymous Perdita said...

Note the unwritten rule of the EPSRC competition: every entry must begin with a main clause, followed by "but". At least, every one of their example articles does so!

4/12/06 13:07  

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