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Ridge/Valley-like Structures: Creases, Separatrices and Drainage Patterns

Antonio M. López
Computer Science Department,
Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB)
and Computer Vision Center (CVC)

Aim of the Overview

In artificial vision, it seems that everything with anisotropic aspect is baptized as 'ridge/valley' but formalized by different mathematical definitions, which can cause a lot of confusion. Therefore, along this overview I want mainly to comment different characterizations of lines sketching ridges/valleys to enhance their differences and to put in the track people that would like to go deeply in the subject. I will skip unnecessary mathematical and implementation details that, anyway, can be found in the corresponding references. I hope that, in this way, the overview can be understood by novel students. With this aim also, I will put some explanatory examples intended to be just that, examples, I mean that I don't say that I'm showing the best way of solving the problems posed as examples. Of course, suggestions are welcome.

Antonio Lopez
Wed Oct 8 17:04:50 MET DST 1997