TFP 03 On-site Proceedings

Stephen Gilmore (editor)

September 11th-12th 2003,
Edinburgh, Scotland

Marco T. Morazán

Towards DVM-friendly first-class functions (PDF)

David Aspinall, Lennart Beringer, Martin Hofmann and Hans-Wolfgang Loidl

A resource-aware program logic for a JVM-like language (PS, PDF)

André Rauber Du Bois, Phil Trinder and Hans-Wolfgang Loidl

Implementation of Mobile Haskell (PS, PDF)

Allan Clark

Nitro: a low-level functional language (PDF)

Nicholas Wolverson

O'Camelot: adding objects to a resource-aware functional language (PDF)

Greg Michaelson, Kevin Hammond and Jocelyn Serot

The finite state-ness of FSM-Hume (PDF)

Robert Pointon

Rate analysis and deadlock detection for Hume (PDF)

Jeremy Singer

Static single information from a functional perspective (PDF)

Baltasar Trancón y Widemann and Markus Lepper

Cardinality analysis for recursive types (PDF)

Manfred Widera

Testing Scheme programming assignments automatically (PDF)

M. KH. Aswad, H.-W. Loidl and P.W. Trinder

Developing high-level irregularly-parallel programs for multiple architectures (PS)

A. D. Al Zain, P. W. Trinder, G. J. Michaelson and H-W. Loidl

Evaluation of communication libraries for a parallel functional language implementation (PDF)