Papers, talks, etc.

I have given up maintaining this page, so a better place to find my recent papers is my institution's page (the most complete, for recent papers) or DBLP or Google scholar. See also my YouTube playlist where I am starting to post practice videos of talks.


  • 7/15 James Cheney, Jeremy Gibbons, James McKinna, Perdita Stevens Towards a Principle of Least Surprise in Bidirectional Transformations. In Proceedings of Bx 2015. Slides. Video of presentation (afterwards, not live).

  • oops and several other papers I should add...

  • 2/14 Seiko Akayama, Birgit Demuth, Timothy C. Lethbridge, Marion Scholz, Perdita Stevens, Dave R. Stikkolorum. Tool Use in Software Modelling Education. In Post-proceedings of the Educators' Symposium of MODELS 2013.

  • 11/13 Faris Abou-Saleh, James Cheney, Jeremy Gibbons, James McKinna and Perdita Stevens. Entangled State Monads (Extended Abstract). In proceedings of Bx'14.

  • 11/13 James Cheney, Jeremy Gibbons, James McKinna and Perdita Stevens. Towards a Repository of Bx Examples. In proceedings of Bx'14.

  • 9/13 Perdita Stevens. Bidirectionally tolerating inconsistency: partial transformations (author's version). In proceedings of FASE'14. Nominated for Best Paper Award. Official version © Springer

  • 3/13 C.A. Alexandru and P. Stevens. Predicting the Usability of Telemedicine Systems in Different Deployments through Modelling and Simulation, Proceedings of the European Workshop on Practical Aspects of Health Informatics (PAHI 2013), Edinburgh.

  • 9/12 Julian Bradfield and Perdita Stevens Enforcing QVT-R with mu-Calculus and Games. In proceedings of FASE'13. Official version © Springer

  • 4/12 Perdita Stevens. Observations relating to the equivalences induced on model sets by bidirectional transformations, in EC-EASST vol 049, refereed journal post-proceedings of Bx'12 workshop.

  • 2012 C.A. Alexandru and P. Stevens (2012), Models to Extend the Scope of Usability Testing for Telemedicine Systems. In Digital Futures 2012: The Third Annual Digital Economy All Hands Conference, Aberdeen.

  • 10/11 Julian Bradfield and Perdita Stevens Recursive checkonly QVT-R transformations with general when and where clauses via the modal mu calculus. In proceedings of FASE'12. Official version © Springer

  • 4/11 Zhenjiang Hu and Andy Schurr and Perdita Stevens and James F. Terwilliger. Dagstuhl Seminar on Bidirectional Transformations (BX). In SIGMOD Record, vol 40 no 1 pp35-39. Official version.

  • 2/11 Perdita Stevens. A simple game-theoretic approach to checkonly QVT Relations In SoSyM vol 12 no 1, which finally appeared in print in 2013; published online March 11 2011. This is a much extended version of the ICMT paper below. Here is a tech report version for anyone who can't access the SoSyM one. Associated files.

  • 5/09 Slides for the talk Model-driven development, traceability and games which I gave to Informatics Alumni on May 1st 2009, and to Oxford students the day before. This drew on the ICMT paper, see below.

  • 4/09 Perdita Stevens. A simple game-theoretic approach to checkonly QVT Relations, Proceedings of the International Conference on Model Transformations, ICMT'09. © Springer Slides from the talk

  • 12/08 Perdita Stevens. Bidirectional Model Transformations in QVT: Semantic Issues and Open Questions. Journal version of the MODELS paper below. In SoSyM vol 9 no 1, Jan 2010; published online Dec 2008.

  • 6/08 Perdita Stevens. Towards an algebraic theory of bidirectional transformations, invited paper in the Proceedings of the International Conference on Graph Transformations, ICGT'08. Here is a longer version which differs only in that it includes proofs. Here are slides and slides in handout form.

  • 6/08 Perdita Stevens. Intracellular modelling of viral infections, invited talk given at the WeizmannUK Symposium on Biological Complexity: from molecules to systems, London, June 2008.

  • 11/07 Perdita Stevens. A landscape of bidirectional model transformations. In the post-proceedings of GTTSE'07, Generative and Transformational Techniques in Software Engineering II, LNCS 5235 pp408-424. © Springer

  • 10/07 Jennifer Tenzer and Perdita Stevens. GUIDE: Games with UML for Interactive Design Exploration. Journal of Knowledge Based Systems, vol 20 no 7, October 2007.

  • 9/07 Perdita Stevens. Bidirectional Model Transformations in QVT: Semantic Issues and Open Questions. In Proceedings of 10th International Conference on Model Driven Engineering Languages and Systems, MODELS 2007, Nashville, USA, September 30 - October 5, 2007. LNCS 4735 pp1-15. This paper won the Springer Best Paper Award.

  • 1/06 Jennifer Tenzer and Perdita Stevens. On modelling recursive calls and callbacks with two variants of unified modelling language state diagrams. Formal Aspects of Computing, 18(4):397-420, 2006.

  • 7/05 Perdita Stevens. Changing notions of trust and compliance: their implications for personalisation of ehealth systems for maternity care. In Floriana Grasso, Alison Cawsey, Cecile Paris, Silvana Quaglini, and Ross Wilkinson, editors, Proc. Workshop on Personalisation for E-Health, at 10th International Conference on User Modeling, Edinburgh, UK 24th-29th July 2005, pages 71-74. Here is an unpublished longer version of the paper.

  • 4/05 Martin Leucker, Thomas Noll, Michael Weber, and Perdita Stevens. Functional programming languages for verification tools: A comparison of standard ML and Haskell. Software Tools for Technology Transfer, 7(2):184-194, April 2005.

  • 1/04 Catherine Canevet, Stephen Gilmore, Jane Hillston, Leila Kloul, and Perdita Stevens. Analysing UML2.0 activity diagrams in the software performance engineering process. In Proceedings of the Fourth International Workshop on Software and Performance, Redwood Shores, California, USA, pages 74-78. ACM Press, January 2004.

  • 2/03 Hubert Baumeister, Nora Koch, Piotr Kosiuczenko, Perdita Stevens, and Martin Wirsing. UML for global computing. In Corrado Priami, editor, Global Computing. Programming Environments, Languages, Security, and Analysis of Systems, IST/FET International Workshop, GC 2003, Rovereto, Italy, February 9-14, 2003, Revised Papers, volume 2874 of Lecture Notes in Computer Science, pages 1-24. © Springer-Verlag, 2003.

  • 3/03 Invited talk, UML and concurrency at ASM 2003 02

  • 10/02 Modelling recursive calls with UML state diagrams (or as ps) Joint with Jennifer Tenzer. Accepted for FASE2003.

  • 11/02 Invited talk, Playing Games with UML tools at FMCO 02

  • 8/02 Small-scale XMI programming; a revolution in UML tool use? to appear in Journal of Automated Software Engineering. © Kluwer. Extended and updated journal version of XSE paper below.

  • 6/02 On the interpretation of binary associations in the Unified Modelling Language (also as ps) © Springer-Verlag in Journal of Software and Systems Modeling, vol 1 no 1, September 2002. Extended and updated journal version of UML paper below.

  • 5/02 Joint with C. Canevet, S. Gilmore, J. Hillston. Performance modelling with UML and stochastic process algebras (also as ps) In proceedings of UK PEW 2002, May 2002.

  • 4/02 Invited talk, Playing Games with Software Design at the Coordination conference. Here is the abstract and the slides (ps) and slides (pdf)

  • 12/01 Patterns in software maintenance: learning from experience Chapter in Advances in Software Maintenance Management: Technologies and Solutions to appear. (Mail me for a preprint)

  • 11/01 Has the pattern emperor any clothes? A controversy in three acts Joint with Luciana d'Adderio, Rick Dewar and Ashley Lloyd. In ACM/SIGSOFT Software Engineering Notes, Jan/Feb 2002.

  • 10/01 Joint with Julian Bradfield and Juliana Kuester Filipe: Enriching OCL using observational mu-calculus in proceedings of FASE2002, © Springer-Verlag. A paper discussing how to express temporal contracts in a version of the modal mu calculus incorporating OCL.

  • 8/01 Functional programming languages for verification tools: experiences with ML and Haskell with Martin Leucker, Thomas Noll and Michael Weber, in the Draft Proceedings of the Scottish Functional Programming Workship, 2001.

  • 8/01 Book review of John Derrick and Eerke Boiten's Refinement in Z and Object-Z. This is a preprint of an article to appear in the Journal of Software Testing, Verification and Reliability.

  • 5/01Getting value from UML tools a "class" given at UMLWorld2001. See XMI Hackers' Homepage

  • 3/01 Small-scale XMI programming: a revolution in UML tool use? In XSE2001; journal version in progress.

  • 5/01XMI and MOF: a mini-tutorial given at XSE2001. See XMI Hackers' Homepage

  • 3/01 On associations in the Unified Modelling Language in proceedings of UML2001, © Springer-Verlag. A paper discussing some problems of interpretation of associations in UML and possible solutions (also as PDF).

  • 10/00 On use cases and their relationships in the Unified Modelling Language in FASE2001, © Springer-Verlag.

  • 2/00 Web Wanderer column for a trial edition of IEE Informatics, about web sites for patterns.

  • 9/00 Advanced Tools for UML: now and in the future tutorial given at UML2000. PDF version

  • 4/99 UML for describing product-line architectures?. A position paper, presented at the ECOOP workshop on Object Technology for Product-Line Architectures, June 1999.

  • 10/98 Identifying and communicating expertise in systems reengineering: a patterns approach with Rick Dewar, Ashley Lloyd and Rob Pooley. In IEE Proceedings Software, vol 146 no 3. If you want to know about reengineering patterns this is probably the best paper to read.

  • 5/99 Talks on Modelling Product Line Architectures in UML. Longer talk given at Keele and shorter (but later) variant given at Edinburgh Jamboree. Actually these are not so very finished: early ideas only.

  • 2/99 A Verification Tool Developer's Vade Mecum which appears as `opinion' in `Sotware Tools for Technology Transfer (STTT); and a short version Some Issues in the Software Engineering of Verification Tools which appears in the proceedings of TACAS'99. To get these you need the appropriate Springer subscription. Here is a rather different tech report version for free.

  • 6/98 In Proceedings of Software Engineering Education Symposium 98

    Updating the software engineering curriculum at Edinburgh University

    The story of SEOC1/2.

  • 8/98 In ECOOP Workshop Reader, as part of the section on the Workshop on Object Oriented Reengineering:

    Report of the working group on reengineering patterns

  • 8/98 In VMCAI'98 (the version here is longer and includes proofs)

    Abstract Interpretations of Games and the slides from the presentation.

    If you want to know about abstract games, and are more interested in the underlying theory than the algorithm for strategy search, this later paper is probably a better place to start than the CONCUR paper.

  • 7/98 Slides from talk at BCS Software Reuse SIG on Componentware Development

    Using UML in component-based development ++

  • 3/98 In FICS'98, with Julian Bradfield

    Observational mu calculus and the slides from the presentation.

  • 4/98 In ACM-SIGSOFT FSE-6, with Rob Pooley

    Systems Reengineering Patterns and the slides from the presentation (including a few I didn't actually use).

  • 4/98 Position paper accepted for ECOOP workshop on OO Reengineering, with Rob Pooley

    abstract and the rest and .ps

  • 3/98 In CONCUR 98, © Springer-Verlag, see Springer

    Abstract games for infinite state processes and the slides from the presentation (one slide got hand-drawn though, and doesn't make sense in this version).

  • 3/98 CSG report, with Rob Pooley

    Systems Reengineering Patterns

  • 5/2/98 ML Club talk:

    Experiences with the ML module system, or, Why I Hate ML.

    Slides, code listing after slide 6, code listing after slide 9

  • 2/98 Position paper for SEBPC workshop, with Rob Pooley:

    Software Reengineering Patterns

  • 1/98 TACAS 98 paper, with Colin Stirling:

    Practical Model-Checking using Games plus the slides from the talk. Also a tech report version with proofs (the proofs are not very elegant, though, and in fact are specialised versions of the abstract game proofs).d

  • 11/96 Systems lecture:

    Perl: practical extraction and report language or pathologically eclectic rubbish lister?

    slides (complete with the typo on slide 6, finding which is left as an exercise for any reader!).

  • 8/96 CONCUR 96 tool presentation:

    Games with the Edinburgh Concurrency Workbench

    slides and very short paper