Table of Contents

Introduction and Review
[1]PFM: A Stereo Correspondence Algorithm using a Disparity Gradient Limit11
Stephen B Pollard, John E W Mayhew and John P Frisby
[2]Disparity Gradient, Lipschitz Continuity and Computing Binocular Correspondences25
Stephen B Pollard, John Porrill, John E W Mayhew and John P Frisby
[3]Implementation Details of the PMF Stereo Algorithm33
Stephen B Pollard, John E W Mayhew and John P Frisby
[4]Binocular Stereo Algorithm Based on the Disparity-Gradient Limit and Using Optimization Theory41
Sheelagh A Lloyd
[5]The Role of Disparity Gradient in Stereo Vision47
Harit P Trivedi and Sheelagh A Lloyd
[6]Estimation of Stereo and Motion Parameters Using a Variational Principle51
Harit P Trivedi
[7]On The Reconstruction of a Scene from Two Unregistered Images55
Harit P Trivedi
[8]A Pipelined Architecture for the Canny Edge Detector61
Brendan P D Ruff
[9]Parallel Architecture for Fast 3-D Machine Vision67
Chris R Brown and Chris M Dunford
[10]A Multiprocessor 3D Vision System for Pick and Place75
Mike Rygol, Stephen B Pollard and Chris R Brown
Introduction and Review
[11]Segmentation and Description of Binocularly Viewed Contours87
Tony P Pridmore, John Porrill and John E W Mayhew
[12]Optimal Combination of Multiple Sensors Including Stereo Vision95
John Porrill, Stephen B Pollard and John E W Mayhew
[13]Viewpoint-Invariant Reconstruction of Visible Surface103
Andrew Blake
[14]Invariant Surface Reconstructions Using Weak Continuity Constrains111
Andrew Blake and Andrew Zisserman
[15]Comparison of the Efficiency of Deterministic and Stochastic Algorithms for Visual Reconstruction119
Andrew Blake
[16]Weak Continuity Constrains Generate Uniform Scale-Space Descriptions of Plane Curves131
Andrew Blake, Andrew Zisserman and Andreas V Papoulias
[17]Detecting Specular Reflections Using Lambertian Constrains139
Gavin Brelstaff and Andrew Blake
[18]Geometry from Specularities147
Andrew Blake and Gavin Brelstaff
[19]Consistency Maintenance in the REVgraph Environment161
Jonathan B Bowen, John E W Mayhew
[20]Location and Description of Textured Surfaces using Stereo Vision175
Philip F McLauchian, John E W Mayhew and John P Frisby
Introduction and Review
[21]Advances in 3D Model Identification from Stereo Data189
John Knapman
[22]Dupin's Cyclide and the Cyclide Patch197
John Knapman
[23]Geometric Reasoning in a Parallel Network207
Mark J L Orr and Robert B Fisher
[24]SMS: A Suggestive Modelling System for Object Recognition221
Robert B Fisher
[25]WPFM: The Workspace Prediction and Fast Matching System231
Jonathan C Aylett, Robert B Fisher and A Pat Fothergill
[26]The Design of the IMAGINE II Scene Analysis Program239
Robert B Fisher
[27]In Search of 'Characteristic View' 3D Object Representations in Human Vision Using Ratings of Perceived Differences Between Views245
Patrick M Langdon, John E W Mayhew and John P Frisby
[28]Matching Geometrical Descriptions in Three-Space249
Stephen B Pollard, John Porrill, John E W Mayhew and John P Frisby
[29]TINA: A 3D Vision System for Pick and Place255
John Porril, Stephen B Pollard, Tony P Pridmore, Jonathan B Bowen, John E W Mayhew and John P Frisby
[30]Double and Triple Ambiguities in the Interpretation of Two Views of a Scene265
H Christopher Longuet-Higgins

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