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practicals/ - Practicals and Project Directory midterm2.html[.htm] 1.2K L072.html[.htm] 1.2K L022.html[.htm] 1.2K L002.html[.htm] 1.2K handout.cfg 1.2K L023.html[.htm] 1.2K L042.html[.htm] 1.3K L032.html[.htm] 1.3K outline2.html[.htm] 1.4K L062.html[.htm] 1.4K L063.html[.htm] 1.5K L013.html[.htm] 1.6K L012.html[.htm] 1.7K A1.html[.htm] 3.2K Practical 1: Solutions A2.html[.htm] 3.4K Practical 2: Solutions L00.html 3.5K Structured data L00.html[.htm] 4.3K Structured data A3.html[.htm] 4.4K Practical 3: Solutions A4.html[.htm] 6.7K Practical 4: Solutions midterm.html 9.0K Mid-term exam midterm.html[.htm] 9.9K Mid-term exam L25.html 10K Sample Final Examination L25.html[.htm] 11K Sample Final Examination L10.html 13K Sample Mid-term Exam L24.html 13K Design design.html 13K L24.html[.htm] 14K Design design.html[.htm] 14K L10.html[.htm] 14K Sample Mid-term Exam A1.html 15K Practical 1: Solutions A2.html 18K Practical 2: Solutions L23.html 19K More reasoning recursion-induction...> 19K L22.html 19K Balanced Search Trees balanced-search-tree..> 19K demo.html 19K Project demo evaluation sheet E2.html 19K Final Examination L23.html[.htm] 19K More reasoning recursion-induction...> 19K demo.html[.htm] 20K Project demo evaluation sheet L22.html[.htm] 20K Balanced Search Trees balanced-search-tree..> 20K E1.html 20K Mid-term examination E2.html[.htm] 20K Final Examination E1.html[.htm] 21K Mid-term examination feedback.html 21K Course feedback form S2.html 21K Sample Exam: Solutions S1.html 22K Sample Mid-term: Solutions S2.html[.htm] 22K Sample Exam: Solutions feedback.html[.htm] 22K Course feedback form S1.html[.htm] 23K Sample Mid-term: Solutions projexamples.html 25K Project demo sheet projexamples.html[.htm] 25K Project demo sheet L15.html 26K Graphs concluded. graph-dag.html 26K L15.html[.htm] 27K Graphs concluded. graph-dag.html[.htm] 27K L18.html 28K Infinite data sml-infinite-data.html 28K A3.html 29K Practical 3: Solutions L09.html 29K Reasoning about Programs reasoning-programs.html 29K L18.html[.htm] 29K Infinite data> 29K L05.html 29K Enumerations and Sums enumerations-sums.html 29K L09.html[.htm] 30K Reasoning about Programs reasoning-programs.h..> 30K L05.html[.htm] 30K Enumerations and Sums> 30K L12.html 31K Functions as Data functions-data.html 31K L12.html[.htm] 31K Functions as Data functions-data.html[..> 31K A1.pdf 33K Practical 1: Solutions outline.html 34K Course Outline outline.html[.htm] 34K Course Outline demo.pdf 35K Project demo evaluation sheet L02.html 35K Recursion and Complexity recursion-complexity..> 35K L02.html[.htm] 36K Recursion and Complexity recursion-complexity..> 36K L03.html 37K Products and Records products-records.html 37K L20.html 38K Sorting and Searching sorting-searching.html 38K L03.html[.htm] 38K Products and Records products-records.htm..> 38K A2.pdf 38K Practical 2: Solutions L20.html[.htm] 38K Sorting and Searching> 38K A3.pdf 40K Practical 3: Solutions L00.pdf 44K Structured data L14.html 44K Spanning Trees graph-spanning-tree...> 44K L14.html[.htm] 45K Spanning Trees graph-spanning-tree...> 45K L12.pdf 47K Functions as Data L21.html 48K Binary Search Trees binary-search-tree.html 48K A4.pdf 48K Practical 4: Solutions L21.html[.htm] 48K Binary Search Trees binary-search-tree.h..> 48K midterm.pdf 51K Mid-term exam L17.html 52K Mutable data sml-mutable-referenc..> 52K projexamples.pdf 52K Project demo sheet L17.html[.htm] 52K Mutable data sml-mutable-referenc..> 52K L16.html 52K Arrays sml-arrays.html 52K L16.html[.htm] 53K Arrays sml-arrays.html[.htm] 53K A4.html 53K Practical 4: Solutions L05.pdf 55K Enumerations and Sums L10.pdf 55K Sample Mid-term Exam L25.pdf 56K Sample Final Examination S2.pdf 57K Sample Exam: Solutions S1.pdf 57K Sample Mid-term: Solutions L04.html 60K Specification, Implementation and Use specification-implem..> 60K L24.pdf 60K Design L21.pdf 61K Binary Search Trees L04.html[.htm] 61K Specification, Implementation and Use specification-implem..> 61K E1.pdf 62K Mid-term examination L08.html 63K Trees trees.html 63K L08.html[.htm] 64K Trees trees.html[.htm] 64K L15.pdf 64K Graphs concluded. L06.html 64K Lists lists.html 64K L17.pdf 65K Mutable data L06.html[.htm] 65K Lists lists.html[.htm] 65K L14.pdf 66K Spanning Trees L22.pdf 67K Balanced Search Trees feedback.pdf 69K Course feedback form L08.pdf 71K Trees L18.pdf 72K Infinite data L19.html 77K Heaps heaps.html 77K L23.pdf 77K More reasoning L04.pdf 77K Specification, Implementation and Use L19.html[.htm] 78K Heaps heaps.html[.htm] 78K E2.pdf 78K Final Examination L11.pdf 80K SML Modules L13.html 80K Graphs ... graph-search.html 80K L13.html[.htm] 81K Graphs ... graph-search.html[.htm] 81K outline.pdf 84K Course Outline L09.pdf 85K Reasoning about Programs L16.pdf 86K Arrays L20.pdf 87K Sorting and Searching L01.html 87K SML Basics sml-basics.html 87K L03.pdf 87K Products and Records L01.html[.htm] 87K SML Basics sml-basics.html[.htm] 87K L19.pdf 91K Heaps L13.pdf 92K Graphs ... L06.pdf 94K Lists L11.html 94K SML Modules sml-modules.html 94K L11.html[.htm] 95K SML Modules sml-modules.html[.htm] 95K L07.html 95K Stacks and Queues stacks-queues.html 95K L07.html[.htm] 96K Stacks and Queues stacks-queues.html[...> 96K L07.pdf 101K Stacks and Queues L02.pdf 109K Recursion and Complexity L01.pdf 150K SML Basics