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practicals/ - Practicals and Project Directory A1.html 15K Practical 1: Solutions A1.html[.htm] 3.2K Practical 1: Solutions A1.pdf 33K Practical 1: Solutions A2.html 18K Practical 2: Solutions A2.html[.htm] 3.4K Practical 2: Solutions A2.pdf 38K Practical 2: Solutions A3.html 29K Practical 3: Solutions A3.html[.htm] 4.4K Practical 3: Solutions A3.pdf 40K Practical 3: Solutions A4.html 53K Practical 4: Solutions A4.html[.htm] 6.7K Practical 4: Solutions A4.pdf 48K Practical 4: Solutions E1.html 20K Mid-term examination E1.html[.htm] 21K Mid-term examination E1.pdf 62K Mid-term examination E2.html 19K Final Examination E2.html[.htm] 20K Final Examination E2.pdf 78K Final Examination L00.html 3.5K Structured data L00.html[.htm] 4.3K Structured data L00.pdf 44K Structured data L002.html[.htm] 1.2K L01.html 87K SML Basics L01.html[.htm] 87K SML Basics L01.pdf 150K SML Basics L012.html[.htm] 1.7K L013.html[.htm] 1.6K L02.html 35K Recursion and Complexity L02.html[.htm] 36K Recursion and Complexity L02.pdf 109K Recursion and Complexity L022.html[.htm] 1.2K L023.html[.htm] 1.2K L03.html 37K Products and Records L03.html[.htm] 38K Products and Records L03.pdf 87K Products and Records L032.html[.htm] 1.3K L04.html 60K Specification, Implementation and Use L04.html[.htm] 61K Specification, Implementation and Use L04.pdf 77K Specification, Implementation and Use L042.html[.htm] 1.3K L05.html 29K Enumerations and Sums L05.html[.htm] 30K Enumerations and Sums L05.pdf 55K Enumerations and Sums L06.html 64K Lists L06.html[.htm] 65K Lists L06.pdf 94K Lists L062.html[.htm] 1.4K L063.html[.htm] 1.5K L07.html 95K Stacks and Queues L07.html[.htm] 96K Stacks and Queues L07.pdf 101K Stacks and Queues L072.html[.htm] 1.2K L08.html 63K Trees L08.html[.htm] 64K Trees L08.pdf 71K Trees L09.html 29K Reasoning about Programs L09.html[.htm] 30K Reasoning about Programs L09.pdf 85K Reasoning about Programs L10.html 13K Sample Mid-term Exam L10.html[.htm] 14K Sample Mid-term Exam L10.pdf 55K Sample Mid-term Exam L11.html 94K SML Modules L11.html[.htm] 95K SML Modules L11.pdf 80K SML Modules L12.html 31K Functions as Data L12.html[.htm] 31K Functions as Data L12.pdf 47K Functions as Data L13.html 80K Graphs ... L13.html[.htm] 81K Graphs ... L13.pdf 92K Graphs ... L14.html 44K Spanning Trees L14.html[.htm] 45K Spanning Trees L14.pdf 66K Spanning Trees L15.html 26K Graphs concluded. L15.html[.htm] 27K Graphs concluded. L15.pdf 64K Graphs concluded. L16.html 52K Arrays L16.html[.htm] 53K Arrays L16.pdf 86K Arrays L17.html 52K Mutable data L17.html[.htm] 52K Mutable data L17.pdf 65K Mutable data L18.html 28K Infinite data L18.html[.htm] 29K Infinite data L18.pdf 72K Infinite data L19.html 77K Heaps L19.html[.htm] 78K Heaps L19.pdf 91K Heaps L20.html 38K Sorting and Searching L20.html[.htm] 38K Sorting and Searching L20.pdf 87K Sorting and Searching L21.html 48K Binary Search Trees L21.html[.htm] 48K Binary Search Trees L21.pdf 61K Binary Search Trees L22.html 19K Balanced Search Trees L22.html[.htm] 20K Balanced Search Trees L22.pdf 67K Balanced Search Trees L23.html 19K More reasoning L23.html[.htm] 19K More reasoning L23.pdf 77K More reasoning L24.html 13K Design L24.html[.htm] 14K Design L24.pdf 60K Design L25.html 10K Sample Final Examination L25.html[.htm] 11K Sample Final Examination L25.pdf 56K Sample Final Examination S1.html 22K Sample Mid-term: Solutions S1.html[.htm] 23K Sample Mid-term: Solutions S1.pdf 57K Sample Mid-term: Solutions S2.html 21K Sample Exam: Solutions S2.html[.htm] 22K Sample Exam: Solutions S2.pdf 57K Sample Exam: Solutions balanced-search-tree..> 19K balanced-search-tree..> 20K binary-search-tree.html 48K binary-search-tree.h..> 48K demo.html 19K Project demo evaluation sheet demo.html[.htm] 20K Project demo evaluation sheet demo.pdf 35K Project demo evaluation sheet design.html 13K design.html[.htm] 14K enumerations-sums.html 29K> 30K feedback.html 21K Course feedback form feedback.html[.htm] 22K Course feedback form feedback.pdf 69K Course feedback form functions-data.html 31K functions-data.html[..> 31K graph-dag.html 26K graph-dag.html[.htm] 27K graph-search.html 80K graph-search.html[.htm] 81K graph-spanning-tree...> 44K graph-spanning-tree...> 45K handout.cfg 1.2K heaps.html 77K heaps.html[.htm] 78K lists.html 64K lists.html[.htm] 65K midterm.html 9.0K Mid-term exam midterm.html[.htm] 9.9K Mid-term exam midterm.pdf 51K Mid-term exam midterm2.html[.htm] 1.2K outline.html 34K Course Outline outline.html[.htm] 34K Course Outline outline.pdf 84K Course Outline outline2.html[.htm] 1.4K products-records.html 37K products-records.htm..> 38K projexamples.html 25K Project demo sheet projexamples.html[.htm] 25K Project demo sheet projexamples.pdf 52K Project demo sheet reasoning-programs.html 29K reasoning-programs.h..> 30K recursion-complexity..> 35K recursion-complexity..> 36K recursion-induction...> 19K recursion-induction...> 19K sml-arrays.html 52K sml-arrays.html[.htm] 53K sml-basics.html 87K sml-basics.html[.htm] 87K sml-infinite-data.html 28K> 29K sml-modules.html 94K sml-modules.html[.htm] 95K sml-mutable-referenc..> 52K sml-mutable-referenc..> 52K sorting-searching.html 38K> 38K specification-implem..> 60K specification-implem..> 61K stacks-queues.html 95K stacks-queues.html[...> 96K trees.html 63K trees.html[.htm] 64K